Liz Spear Handwoven


Murray Johnston

In 2003, as a part of my Fashion Show activities, I sent out a query/suggestion for collaborative garments, in the quest for sparking interest in participation in the Show, writing about how inspiring I found the process. A week later, Murray Johnston, an amazing art quilter/friend/collector called and asked if I'd like to do a garment with her. I immediately thought of the Celebration Coat form that I'd just begun working with, the year before, and sent a scaled drawing of the pattern pieces to Murray. Three months later, she brought me three panels, making a fractured landscape of a mountain forest with a stream and waterfall, with small pieces for the cuffs. I put together the Mountain Celebration Coat, with my handwoven fabric for the sides, sleeves, and front band. We were both amazed with the result, and the Coat has been in various and sundry exhibitions ever since. A year later, Murray called to see if we could do another garment together, one of my regular garments, with a small quilt-patch or two. She sent the patches, and I pieced them into a short unlined jacket for Murray to wear to her daughter's wedding rehearsal dinner, and we both liked that one so much, that she sends a couple of patches a couple of times a year. Thanks, Murray.

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