Liz Spear Handwoven


Laura Sims

Around 2000, Laura Sims, a marbler extraordinaire, called to tell me that she was writing a book for our local publisher, and would I be interested in doing a collaborative piece with her, for inclusion in the Gallery section of the book. "Of course," I cried, and commenced to get really excited about the idea. A great deal of Laura's production work is done on silk charmeuse; I thought that marbling on Handwoven fabric wouldn't be much of a stretch. I wove fabric, cut out the garment pieces, and sent them to her, trusting to her color choices and design sense for the placement of the marbled figures. We were both so pleased with the result that I asked her if she'd like to continue, working on some garments of the regular line. This was also a great idea, and I send her the pieces of several garments at a time, so that she can fit the work into her regular schedule. I also periodically send large scraps of my fabric (or Neal's), and these marbled pieces function like Neal's work does, often inspiring an exhibition garment, or entire warp or two. Thanks, Laura.

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