Liz Spear Handwoven



I work alone, and have, ever since I moved to North Carolina. This continues to be important to me, and, even in times of visual slump, there's always enough to do to get past that time. I've always had a facility for being inspired by colors, objects, scenery: to place objects or colors together, to arrange things, I think. As my own weaving, sewing and business skills increased and stabilized, I think I must have been looking for something. I've realized that the following collaborations with friends and fellow artists have given me more than some new garment ideas.

This collaborative process is so rewarding, visually and creatively. I've learned more about other fiber and surface design techniques, and gone through some technical work, and am spreading more of my own brand of practical, comfortable art-to-wear, along with tooting the horn for all of my collaborative partners. What's next? Well, there's felting, knitting, woven shibori, handmade paper, polymer clay... who knows? Stay tuned.

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Neal Howard

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