Liz Spear Handwoven


Dress Shirt: Long w/long sleeves; handwoven cotton and rayon, with hand-dyed, handwoven silk inset fabrics by Neal Howard. ($400)

A friend once gave me the pieces of a bowl he'd turned of rhododendron wood he'd gathered on his land. I made buttons of those beautiful bits of wood, then wove some cloth and made the garments to carry those buttons.

I follow this pattern of experience to make one-of-a-kind, comfortable garments with my handwoven cloth: shirts and jackets designed to wear to the office or with your favorite pair of jeans. My fabrics begin with twelve cones of cotton and rayon yarns, inspired by the colors in a neighbor's faded red barn, a single variegated thread or, perhaps, a wooden button.

2017 Schedule

July 21 - 23 - Exhibitor - Craft Fair of the Southern Highlands - Asheville Civic Center, Asheville NC

September 6 - 10 - Teach Nuno-Felt Collage and Sewing Your Handwoven Fabric for Minnesota Weavers' Guild, St. Paul, MN

October 18 - December 31 Participant Winter Wrap-up Guest Artist - Mica Gallery, Bakersville, NC